I created this data repository of spy letters from Black Rock, Connecticut because no one else had done so yet. Didn’t it make sense to put spy letters with George Washington and his Black Rock spy all in one location? Several authors think so. Including the screen writer of the popular television program TURN. They have used it as a resource.

Truth is this is an untold story. A story that has been hidden from the American people for over 150 years. It wasn’t until the 1930s that the existence of the spy ring was discovered. There is still much to research and discover. Black Rock was the frontline of the American Revolutionary War and it was through intelligence that we defeated the far superior British military. We don’t know the whole story yet because many of the spy letters in this website, which are from the Library of Congress, are not yet transcribed. Thus, the purpose of this site is not only outreach and education, but also crowd sourcing.

Brewster Street in Black Rock is named after Caleb Brewster. It was originally called Main Street and is the nucleus of Bridgeport’s first historic district. It was not only Fairfield’s seaport but became the port of entry for all of Western Connecticut in 1790

In addition, since no one had created the wikipedia site either,  I created one on Caleb Brewster and a recent check shows over 9,000 hits a month. This site is an external link on wikipedia.

Other projects I have created, digital archives on a Bridgeport’s inventor and aviation innovator who preceded the Wright Brothers in motorized manned flight, Gustave Whitehead.  These digital archives online helped change historians view of who was first in flight. Our research locating news articles from 1901 to 1903 (two years prio the Wright Brothers’ flight), brought to light data which scholars were not aware of. I was contacted by a scholar in Germany whose research ultimately resulted in the Connecticut state Governor signing into law that the Wright Brothers were no longer first in flight and the Bridgeport inventor was.  Other projects I created include a digital archive of Bridgeport Vaudeville history which seeks funding to complete.