Brewster Street

Brewster Street in Black Rock, Connecticut is named after Caleb Brewster, pivotal figure in the American Revolutionary War. The street, is at the core of the Black Rock historic district and originally was named “Main Street”. Caleb Brewster was an American patriot and spy for General George Washington, as mentioned in the book Washington’s Spies, by Alex Rose.

The maps show below the historic district of Black Rock as of 1867.

Blackrock Histoical Map Graphic recreatedMap 1867 good tight

“Brewster made numerous trips with his Whaleboat Navy, into Long Island Sound to attack British shipping, and across to Setauket to bring messages back for Major Benjamin Tallmadge to deliver to General Washington.” (Bev Tyler, historian from the  Three Village Historical Society, Setauket, New York)

In the historic Black Rock Map below, you can see that Caleb Brewster’s family lived in what is today Ellsworth Park in Black Rock.  There is a small sign there today, put up by the local history chapter.  (You may also see other residents of the city, by the number of the houses.)


Note: This map shows where residents of Black Rock Lived. The map was recreated by graphic interns from the University of Bridgeport.  The work was carried out by the Bridgeport Digital Humanities Initiative.